Holmes Murphy Launches Healthy Insurance Pool (HIP) in DFW

Komen Walk for the Cure 2013

Komen Walk for the Cure 2013

When we sit down with the leadership of our clients and their HR/Benefit departments, we usually get heads nodding when we share that 40-50% of Americans born after 2000 will have  diabetes.   There are plenty of peer-reviewed  case studies to show that leading companies who invest in establishing a culture of health and accountability in the right way experience returns that go far beyond the expense side of the ledger. What we typically find when visiting with employers is that there is not disagreement over knowing "Why" we need to make these investments, the real obstacles are usually associated with the "How" and "When".   With HR departments tasked with over-regulation, employment lawsuits, administrative requirements, vendor management,  employee and management issues and more, who has time to strategically assemble all the components needed to create meaningful change and make sure they work together to the delight of employees?   This is why Holmes Murphy & Associates has created the Healthy Insurance Pool  at  www.healthyinsurancepool.com.

Imagine if we pooled all the safe drivers in a community together to purchase car insurance.   We would all agree to buckle our seat belts, drive at the right speed, maintain the right tire pressure, invest in the maintenance of our vehicles and as a consequence, expect to get a better rate from the auto insurance company.   The Healthy Insurance Pool (HIP) was designed by Holmes Murphy and underwritten by United HealthCare for companies who have the right risk profile and share the same values around prevention, health and productivity as the other companies who have already been approved into the Healthy Insurance Pool or HIP.

In the same way that Apple has assembled their supply-chain hardware, engineering, design and software to create great experiences that just work, Holmes Murphy & Associates has integrated a system rifled with costs and complexity and designed an   integrated health and preventive care plan full of savings and simplicity that would make even Steve Jobs gush.

For more information, please contact me at (214) 265-6668 or send me an email at sharris@holmesmuprhy.com.   We'll connect you with members of our HIP team to learn more.