Since 1932, Holmes Murphy & Associates has helped thousands of companies save time, money and lives by optimizing corporate health, insurance and employee benefit programs. We are an 86 year old start-up that brings hope to those seeking measurable results. We have never had a single client that wants to pay more than they have to for insurance coverage, yet our mission goes beyond that of simply sharing how much your company spends or subsidizes premiums. We dig deeper to find out how well that money was invested towards measurable outcomes that help your business perform better.

Our Mission

We make a difference by promoting health, protecting wealth and delivering peace of mind.

Our Aspirations

 Every new hire at Holmes Murphy & Associates is provided a small booklet that contains our corporate Aspirations. In fact, all of our offices across the country greet every guest with the same entry identifying our Aspirations. But words on a wall do not define a culture, acting them out through every interaction with our clients, our colleagues, suppliers and community are what matters. Aspirations are hope-filled goals. Having an aspiration does not mean you have already achieved it, but rather that you have set a standard for who and what you want to be.

These are our Holmes Murphy & Associates Aspirations:

Count on Me.jpg

We are individually and corporately accountable for our actions. Reliability comes from a commitment to quality, intelligence, timeliness, and accuracy in our work and interactions.


Celebrate success loudly…but not our own! We genuinely find joy in the success of our clients, our colleagues, and others. Don’t cheat yourself or others by withholding honest praise and encouragement.

Share Abundantly.jpg

We share ideas, experiences, opportunities, joy, workload, and revenue. Our “product” is our cumulative knowledge and experience. We grow smarter and faster for our clients through active sharing.

Unity Over Uniformity.jpg

Uniformity means everyone must strive to be the same. Unity means that we take our individual gifts and talents and weave them together with the unique gifts and talents of others. Our strength is not in how we are similar, but in how we bring together unique talent, experiences, and perspectives to serve our clients.

Health Matter.jpg

Health matters because people matter. We are in the business of preserving birthdays – using insurance and benefits as a vehicle to create positive change that saves lives while also protecting our clients’ business.

Courageous Influence.jpg

Courageous influence is constructive disruption. We are willing to risk the benefits of the status quo to challenge ourselves, our clients, and our industry to think differently to achieve superior results.

Leave Good Footprints.jpg

You leave an impression with every encounter. Whether delivering pleasant or difficult news we conduct ourselves in a professional manner to earn your trust and respect.

Thank you for all the work you have done ... It has made a huge difference in the level of service for our employees.”
— People Department - Daisy Brand