Covering the Cost of Flu Vaccinations?

While all of the major carriers have announced they will cover the cost of flu vaccinations for their fully-insured customers, some of   my self-funded clients questioned the value of paying $20.00 for each regular or swine flu vaccination for each employee.   Well as a patient stricken with the infamous Swine Flu, I thought I would share the cost of my personal experience: Cost of a Primary Care Visit, Chest X-Ray, and Nasal Swab =   $134.77

Cost of Tamiflu =   $108.11

Total Medical & Rx Cost =   $242.88 (In-network contracted rate)

Amount Paid Under my HSA Account = $242.88



While the above scenario clearly shows the cost avoided under your healthplan for $20 worth of prevention, we haven't even factored in the greatest cost for a company .... lost productivity.   Since my PCP recommended 5 days quarantine from my wife and kids (and everyone else), I had to undergo 5 days of isolation and lost productivity.   Since I had my laptop at home and could work 50% of the time, I will factor that into the equation.   Total cost of medical, rx, and lost productivity = $5,742.88.

Should you cover the cost of a flu vaccination ... the answer is a resounding YES.   Your employees will know they work for a company that invests in its greatest asset ... their people ...VALUE OF LOYALTY TO YOUR ORGANIZATION: PRICELESS