Health Insurance - When You've Tried Everything Else

Are you no longer eligible for benefits under a group health plan? Have your COBRA benefits been exhausted? Have you been denied coverage due to a preexisting condition? Finding individual health coverage can be discouraging, especially when you have a health condition.   But this post is about throwing you   a lifeline.    Texas is among many states which offer the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP), a federally funded insurance  plan which offers insurance to people with ongoing or chronic medical conditions, at prices that are now more affordable.

These plans offer a broad range of coverage, including primary and specialty care, hospital care and prescription drug coverage.   Maximum annual out of pocket cost for covered services is $5950 for network services and $7000 for out-of-network care.      With a little help from the federal government, annual premiums are on the decline.   Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services,  announced  recently that premiums have been reduced 10-20% in Texas.   Similar cuts were made in Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.   Even greater cuts, some up to 40%,  were  made  in Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nevada and Virginia.    And, most remaining states have opted to take this federal money and design their own  similar programs.   So, no matter where you reside, you should be able to find a plan to fit your needs without denial from a reputable insurance company.

You  may be eligible for the PCIP if you:

    1. Have been without health coverage for at least six months
    2. Have a preexisting condition or have been denied health coverage because of a health condition
    3. Are a U.S. citizen or reside in the U.S. legally

To  apply for coverage  in Texas, you  must provide proof of residency and proof that  you have been denied  coverage.   Proof of coverage denial may be a doctor's letter dated within the last 12 months, a denial letter from a Texas-licensed insurance company, a letter of ineligibility from a Texas-liscensed agent or insurance company, or an offer of coverage that excludes  one's preexisting condition.

Getting the protection you need is simple.    Apply online at, or visit the website to print out the application and submit it by mail or fax.

For questions about this and other state and federally supported insurance plans, you may  contact the Texas Consumer Health Assistance Program (CHAP); they have the resources to  help  you when  you need it the most.   Contact 1-855-TEX-CHAP, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm CST, or go online at

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Sources:   Dallas Morning News, TDI Newsletter