The Best Food Picked from Trees - A Pizza Farm PSA from Nick Offerman

Those who have completed  ACAP Health's (Accountable Care Accountable Patients) metabolic risk reduction program, Naturally Slim, have learned that food is fuel.   Hippocrates quote, "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food", is as true as ever today.   His advice then foreshadows now the importance food plays in  stemming the obesity epidemic that is leading to diabetes and other chronic conditions. That's what makes sharing this Funny or Die  video clip  by Nick Offerman a favorite of our staff. It comes to us in partnership with our friends at the American Heart Association. The timing could not be more perfect as we grapple with the role our governments, parents and educators play in helping our kid's make the right choices. This absurd and painfully real PSA is worth a quick watch and share.