The Medicare Part D Accelerated Annual Enrollment Period


Health plan sponsors are required to supply, at least annually, a special notice to their enrollees who are also covered by Medicare. The special notice indicates whether the plan's prescription drug coverage is "creditable" - that is, at least as good as Medicare Part D, on an actuarial basis. The "Medicare Part D notice" helps enrollees who are covered by Medicare make informed and timely decisions about whether and when to enroll in Medicare Part D, and avoid a Medicare late enrollment penalty. Although a plan sponsor's obligation to supply a notice extends only to enrollees who are covered by Medicare, plans sometimes do not know which enrollees actually have Medicare coverage. As a result, plans often simply distribute the Part D notice to all participants. As a part of my firm's services, we furnish our clients with the actuarial attestation of Medicare Part D creditable coverage along with the sample notice. What should be important to plan sponsors is an impending distribution notice due this year as early as October 15th.   If you are interested in receiving our firm's analysis of the rules impacting this notice distribution deadline, a complimentary copy is being made available to members of our BenefitU group in LinkedIn.